Pumpkin bread in a jar

While debating the merits of baking bread in a tin can and the safety issues that this might bring up, a new idea emerged: bread in a jar. Why not use up some of those many jars that are otherwise collecting dust and taking up space in the cupboard, and put them to use? Plus, bread baked in little half-pint canning jars would just be so darn cute.

So I whipped up a batch of pumpkin bread, filled the jars and popped it into the oven. Note: Fill the jars only about halfway, not all the way to the fill line for canning, unless you like to clean a mess in your oven. I didn’t, and I don’t, but luckily I didn’t have a mess because I put the jars on a baking sheet first. And the overflowed, cooked muffin was delicious.

The jars would also make great gifts, either already baked or filled and frozen with baking instructions.

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