Oven-baked healthy french fries

What do kids eat? Chicken fingers, tater tots, french fries, and the like, right? While my daughter has reached the table foods stage and does enjoy these delicacies, I’m determined to give her more “whole” foods and less processed or store- or restaurant-bought pre-packaged items. It’s not always convenient or possible, but I try.

Hence my latest experiment -french fries at home. We had bought a bag of sweet potato fries for the tot, knowing that she loves sweet potatoes and in an effort to continue this love. But, upon looking at the list of ingredients on the package, we soon realized that maybe these sweet potatoes weren’t quite as sweet as we had thought. Why not try to make them at home with an actual sweet potato?, I thought.

So I got out the mandoline and two newly purchased sweet potatoes and went to work. I followed Zesty’s recipe for homemade fries with several moderations – sweet potatoes in place of baking potatoes and omitting the salt and pepper. I also baked them for 30 minutes instead of 45, and the results were crispy, delicious and potato-y french fries without a ton of grease. In fact, I only used about 1 tablespoon of olive oil.

Be sure not to crowd the pan with fries – a single layer works best to crisp them up, and fewer fries means it’s easier to turn the fries, which should be done frequently. Also be sure to only bake what you’re going to eat – I found that the lack of copious amounts of oil meant that the fries harden up – rather than wilt – if kept longer than an hour or two.

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